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Eagers Automotive Adopts a Cybersecurity-first Approach to Future-proof Its Digital Transformation Journey - Check Point Software

Eagers Automotive (ASX: APE), leading automotive retailer in Australia and New Zealand, has partnered with Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions globally, to transform its cybersecurity capabilities. The retailer chose Check Point’s CloudGuard solution to help automate governance and manage complexities across multi-cloud assets and services. Together, they improved visibility into cloud environment to ensure compliance across both AWS and Azure, shift left capabilities and all this with simple and unified management to support a team of three security professionals.

With over 100 years of history, Eagers Automotive serves customers across 180 sites in both countries with its four lines of business, including Car Retailing, Truck Retailing, Property and Investments. To stay ahead of its game, the company relies on technology to transform the automotive experience with a robust DevOps team focused on dealership apps, mobile apps, and one-stop online car sales.

A key milestone for their digital transformation was adopting a cloud-based environment that could encompass the complexities of its business operations. Eagers Automotive started by migrating its on-premises Microsoft Exchange environment to Office 365. From there, the IT team migrated servers to AWS and Azure. The roadmap includes more applications and in-house development to be moved into the cloud, and the security team needed an easier way to see—and secure—everything.

With a safety-first approach being foundational to the automotive industry, the team felt that relying on native AWS or Azure cloud security tools wasn’t enough. However, with limited resourcing of a small team, they needed better visibility into each environment to increase security controls for their cloud-based assets.

But visibility alone wouldn’t deliver the expected results. Eager’s National Information Security, Risk & Governance Manager team needed a solution that offered management simplicity, enabling more time to focus on improving operations and customer experience. And they wanted a vendor with proven expertise so they could lean expertise, again focusing on improving/growing business

“We could scan for vulnerabilities in each cloud environment, but the native tools didn’t really cover all of the functions we needed,” said Mark Nix, National Information Security, Risk & Governance Manager for Eagers Automotive. “We needed a better solution for gaining visibility and ensuring compliance, which also allowed us to shift-left capabilities to implement security into the new development at the code level.”

Check Point Software was chosen for its state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions beyond threat prevention. It also ensured continuous posture alignment with DevOps best practices and enabled DevSecOps to build security into the code pipeline.

“Check Point CloudGuard delivers a well-rounded, industry-leading approach to cloud and DevOps security,” said Nix. “Best of all, we can manage the entire environment from one place instead of having multiple management interfaces for different parts. That’s key for us.”

“We’re excited to support the Eagers Automotive team with our cloud security solutions and enhancing their cyber security posture,” said Les Williamson, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand at Check Point Software. “With automated security functions and visibility over the entire business from a single pane of glass, Eagers Automotive’s operating environment now has best practice cloud protection utilising a prevention-first approach, enabling the team to focus on progressing its digital transformation roadmap.”

Check Point CloudGuard Network Security provides unified, cloud-native security across applications, workloads, and networks against the most sophisticated threats. With it, the Eagers Automotive team gained visualisation of all cloud traffic, security alerts, assets and auto-remediation from a single platform. Enriched contextual information from multiple log sources delivers a fast, clear understanding of events in either cloud environment.

CloudGuard Posture Management plays several critical roles for Eagers Automotive. The company had invested significantly in best-in-class DevOps production, shared, and testing environments. Its security policies are also written following ISO standards. Now, the team can visualise and assess security posture, detect misconfigurations, and model, modify and automate processes to actively enforce gold-standard policies.


Shift Left, Move Forward

CloudGuard’s shift left capabilities are replacing the team’s previous open source toolsets—and taking them further. Instead of manually reviewing individual code or outsourcing the function, CloudGuard will automatically search for vulnerabilities as code moves through various gates to production. If a vulnerability is detected, the code cannot proceed further until it meets the standard required.

“Shift left capabilities are critical going forward,” said Nix. “We’re monitoring code now with CloudGuard and plan to make code security automatic and part of the normal DevOps pipeline.”

“CloudGuard is great,” he continued. “Some products out there focus only on compliance, some on posture, and others on DevOps. CloudGuard does it all, which was our key determinant.”


To learn more about the partnership, you can access a detailed case study on Check Point website.


Media Contact:
Mariel Malabanan
Haystac Dentsu for Check Point Software
[email protected]


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Dominion DMS announces integration with Market Scan - Automotive News

Boca Raton, FL. – October 4, 2022 – Dominion DMS announced a partnership with Market Scan Information Systems, Inc., the industry-leading Automotive Payments as a Service™ (APaaS™) provider. Dominion DMS will integrate key data from Market Scan’s APaaS™ platform, enabling Dominion’s dealers to calculate payments with exact sales tax rates in any zip code in every state with unequaled, scientific precision using the customer’s address.

In today’s market, consumers are willing to travel to various destinations to find a vehicle that meets their needs. Historically, it has been a challenge for dealerships to quote all-inclusive consumer lease and finance payments accurately. Within VUE DMS, the sales department can accurately calculate payments and the sales tax, whether the buyer is in the dealership, across town, or in another state.

“We are excited to partner with Dominion DMS,” said Rusty West, President & CEO of Market Scan. “It has never been more important to present consumers with exact, consistent, and all-inclusive payment quotes online and in the store. Dominion realizes the importance and value of integrating our data into their DMS, resulting in a much-improved consumer experience.”

“Our dealer partners praise the value of this integration, especially in today’s challenging market. Dominion DMS looks forward to deepening our integration and improving the workflows through additional value-added services Market Scan offers.” - Arlene Clements, VP of Business Development.

This announcement is a compelling reason for dealers to consider what VUE DMS can offer. To learn more about Dominion DMS and its VUE DMS platform, visit
About Dominion DMS:

Dominion DMS partners with automotive dealers to offer modern solutions in an ever-evolving landscape. Dominion DMS introduced VUE DMS, a cloud-native dealer management system that gives US-based franchised automotive dealers the digital security, flexibility, and efficiency to meet today’s rapidly changing market. Built on Microsoft Azure Cloud by a team with decades of experience serving dealerships, VUE DMS enables dealers to deliver seamless customer interactions, reduce costs and protect their business. Through its robust suite of certified SecureVUE APIs, VUE DMS provides technology partners with the access and workflows they need to satisfy our common customers, the dealers. Consider Dominion DMS today. For more information, visit our website, and like us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
About Market Scan?

Market Scan is the leading Automotive Payments as a Service™?provider for the automotive industry.?APaaS™ is the choice by industry leaders and retail powerhouses to generate Scientifically Perfect Payment Solutions™ for any conceivable automotive transaction. APaaS™ powers modern retailing solutions online - and in more than 10,000 dealerships. APaaS™ solutions enable automotive dealers, lenders, manufacturers, technology companies, and marketing firms to improve profitability, gain market share and provide consumers with a vastly improved experience.
For more information, call 800-658-7226 or go to


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Cox Automotive's Dealertrack In-State Registration and Title Solution transforms Colorado's Department of Motor Vehicles with new, electronic efficiencies - Automotive News

Colorado dealerships will now be able to process registration and title transactions electronically with the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). With streamlined processes that save time and money, dealers can finalize deals faster for their customers. Having a paperless process mitigates errors while providing a new standard in consumer protection and fraud prevention, which is inherent in paper processes.

ATLANTA—Oct. 3, 2022—Cox Automotive announces today the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) and Colorado Independent Automobile Dealers Association (CIADA) have both exclusively endorsed Dealertrack’s In-State Registration and Title solution, giving dealers the ability to electronically process registration and title transactions with the Colorado DMV.

“Colorado joins 30 other state DMVs that have embraced and adopted digital processes to streamline vehicle registration and titling,” said Tim Jackson, president and CEO of CADA. “It no longer needs to be a tedious process. This new offering provides consumer protection, fraud prevention and time saving benefits that our county clerks, dealerships and consumers will appreciate.”

Colorado’s Legislature joined the growing number of state jurisdictions authorizing the use of electronic registration and titling services. Dealers and authorized users can now perform these important registration and titling services at their locations, allowing Coloradoans the ability to make fewer trips to the DMV to obtain their plates and registration cards.

“Colorado DMV has taken another step in the right direction for local automotive dealers and car buyers,” stated David Cardella, CEO of CIADA. “The momentum behind digitizing registration and title shows no signs of slowing and Colorado stands out for its forward thinking by redesigning processes to save everyone involved in the vehicle purchase time and money.”

The Dealertrack In-State Registration and Title solution helps dealerships complete deals faster and save on unnecessary costs when compared to a manual paper process. With this new platform, Colorado dealerships will be able to:
•    Calculate exact taxes and fees and prepare transactions for the DMV in under four minutes  
•    Potentially save up to an average of $10,000 monthly per dealership location in unnecessary costs that have become inherent in manual documentation, shipping and handling processes
•    Achieve 70% faster turnaround on trade-ins when solution is paired with Dealertrack’s Accelerated Title, which manages the payoff, lien, and title release process
•    Save time and reduce errors related to re-keying by up to 90% when data is imported directly from the Dealer Management System (DMS)

“With growth in automotive ecommerce expected to rise, digital tools that connect all aspects of the car buying process, such as registration and title, are more important than ever before,” commented Kait Gavin, Vice President Operations, Dealer Services at Cox Automotive. “We congratulate Colorado dealerships and its DMV for adopting digital technology to make the car buying process easier and faster.”

For more information about this solution, visit our website.
About Dealertrack

Dealertrack provides industry-leading software solutions that give dealerships, lenders, and partners the confidence to thrive in an ever-changing automotive market. The company’s integrated suite of powerful easy-to-use products and services helps dealerships, and their lending partners grow by increasing efficiency and improving decision-making. Dealertrack is part of the Cox Automotive family, a company that is transforming the way the world buys, sells, owns and uses cars. Dealertrack—along with its unmatched network of dealerships and lending partners—is improving the car buying experience by embracing the technologies that will shape the future of automotive retail. For more information about Dealertrack, visit
About Cox Automotive

Cox Automotive Inc. makes buying, selling, owning and using vehicles easier for everyone. The global company’s more than 27,000 team members and family of brands, including Autotrader®,®, Dealertrack®, Kelley Blue Book®, Manheim®, NextGear Capital®, VinSolutions®, vAuto® and Xtime®, are passionate about helping millions of car shoppers, 40,000 auto dealer clients across five continents and many others throughout the automotive industry thrive for generations to come. Cox Automotive is a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises Inc., a privately-owned, Atlanta-based company with annual revenues of nearly $20 billion.


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Taiwan PC component firms step up deployment in automotive market - DIGITIMES

Taiwan-based PC component suppliers, such as Getac and Yen Sun Technology (YS Tech), have stepped up their deployment in the automotive market.

Industry sources noted that headwinds continue to mount in the consumer, commercial, and industrial control markets, but momentum in the automotive market remains, resulting in an influx of companies into the market.

Taiwanese companies have found an entry point into the automotive market through electric vehicles (EV) and the electrification of vehicles, but the market is getting crowded, according to the sources.

The sources pointed out that the current demand for cars is still soaring, and the only problem is the unsolved materials shortage.

Compared with consumer electronics, automotive shipments are fewer, but profit is better and visibility is longer. In the future, the sources believe the proportion of automotive electronics will continue to increase.

When Getac became a holdings company, its automotive business became an independent entity known as Getac Precision Technology (GPT). Currently, GPT and Getac's mechanical solutions account for 50% of the holding company's total revenue.

Getac pointed out that GPT was affected by the semiconductor shortage of the past two years and that shipments did not meet expectations. However, as the automotive chip shortage gradually eases, customer pull-ins have significantly improved. Getac expects 2022 growth could reach double digits.

GPT mainly ships seat belt components and based on shipment volume, GPT is ranked first in the world. GPT is actively working on advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) products.

YS Tech mainly focuses on car seat fans. Its customers include European and Chinese automakers. YS Tech noted that the automotive supply chain is stable and that it is difficult to change suppliers.

YS Tech said pull-in momentum eased slightly in July and August, attributed to the summer maintenance season for European automakers. Current orders from European automakers are through to second-quarter 2023.

Market demand in China is expected to continue growing due to the country's EV development policies, which include various incentives and subsidies, as well as China's participation in customer EV development projects.

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Supply of automotive MCUs, IGBTs to stay tight in 2023 - DIGITIMES

The supply of automotive microcontroller units (MCU) and power insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) is expected to remain short in 2023, according to sources in the car industry supply chain.

European, American, and Japanese automotive IDMs are looking to negotiate foundry prices for 2023 with Taiwanese wafer foundries; however, Taiwan-based foundries are expected to raise prices next year to cope with rising material costs and to prevent profit margins from eroding.

Foundries will have to adjust production capacity for automotive-grade demand, which has a higher investment cost than that of consumer products, according to sources. As such, foundries will only consider price negotiations for large orders. General automotive orders will be subject to planned price hikes.

Foundries revealed that international tier-1 foundries have carried out price negotiations and were more flexible than with consumer-end customers. They agreed to follow market conditions and negotiate when adjustments were necessary instead of forcing foundries to reduce prices.

There are also IDMs and tier-1 customers that increased orders to avoid the component shortages of the last two years and the impact on the vehicle manufacturing process.

At this moment, it is most important for automotive supply chain companies to get their hands on enough components, particularly components in short supply, sources said. If they are unable to, inventory costs will continue to rise.

Most mainstream automotive supply chain players believe the automotive chip shortage will continue in 2023, including MCUs and power IGBTs. As such, ensuring sufficient supply is the main focus. Volkswagen recently stated it has no expectation that the automotive chip shortage will be solved in 2023.

Whether or not component prices will increase again in 2023 is still dependent on a number of factors, including inflation, wars, and energy crises, which are also affecting consumer purchasing power, sources said, adding that automakers are also concerned about on-hand order bubbles.

Sources noted that the component shortages have created structural changes to the automotive supply chain, which is now focusing more on high-end cars, leading to a crowding out more affordable car models.

Still, affordable cars are the mainstream for consumers. Sources noted that the excessively high cost of components is the biggest challenge for affordable vehicle models. With support from foundries, long-term supply and demand can co-exist and grow.

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